We are Back from Chicago!

What a fantastic week!

After a wonderful, inspirational, intense and emotional week in Chicago at SETDA & ISTE, we return having broadened our horizons, established strong relationships with the great & the good in State Education Leadership and fallen in love with the city of smiles. The generosity of the people of Chicago will stay with us forever.

Our presentation to K-12 educational leaders from every state in the country on the effectiveness of our pay once, use forever Microlearning Library was met with very positive response. State and district leaders were able to see the immediate benefit that a vast library of peer-reviewed, pedagogically-effective learning materials would give school administrators to help reduce the overall cost of digital learning resources by becoming cost-neutral after the first year.

We would like to thank Charlene, Mitch, Rita & Kevin of CBA Associates for sharing their own individual routes to success and inside information on navigating the minefield of the K-12 procurement process. We found the Saturday session intense and informative, and never have we written so many notes in one meeting! Thank you again for your insight and informative clear path to the next steps in our journey to get Blending Education products into every middle and high school in America.

We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to Missy, Tracy, Christine and Tera for everything they did to keep the event together – it all went off without a hitch!

As partners of SETDA we are very much looking forward to increasing our reach across US K-12 schools in the coming months, and support our fellow partners and affiliate members.

The future looks bright.

Take a look at our library today to benefit from some of our effective, self-supporting and robust resources. https://blending.education/library

We also have free Micros to try out in your LMS.

We’re looking forward to working with all the amazing teachers out there!

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