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Teacher Appreciation Week may be ending, but we think it should last all month! And also extend throughout June!

That’s why we’re offering 20% off all of our products in the Shop from now until June 30th, 2018. Shop today and order your Courses for the 2018-19 academic year! You can view the details of all the Courses we offer in the Microlearning Library.

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We’ve Made Some Website Improvements

Easier Ordering

Thanks to your feedback we’ve made it easier to order our Courses. You can now order or buy our Courses through the Shop or through the Microlearning Library. All of our Microlearning Courses are licensed to your institution, which means they can be used by unlimited instructors and on unlimited students!

Free Micros & Demos

You can now see all of the Micro demos we offer together on our new Demo page. Check out Micros for Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Concepts of Biology, Microbiology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Introductory Statistics, American Government, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, U.S. History, and AP® Biology.

If you still haven’t tried one of our Micros in your own Learning Management System (LMS), you can download free ones here:

From Concepts of Biology: Discovering How Populations Change
From Chemistry: The Solid State of Matter

And if you are curious how Microlearning works, check out our video, What’s a Micro?

Remember, all of our Micros are licensed for your unlimited students, so you can use and reuse them for FREE, year after year!

Order today before the 20% off discount expires!

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