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Upload this package to your LMS for students to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Automatically grades and enters scores into your LMS gradebook. Beautifully designed, quick and easy to use. Save time and preparation work!

In this Meso, your students will learn about The Study of Life. This self-contained Meso contains 2 lessons, each including interactive glossary flip cards, thought-provoking questions, and knowledge check quizzes. A Final Assessment is also included. It gives you unlimited options so that you can choose how you want to deliver it, whether you decide to include it as part of other teaching or let it stand on its own. You can mix up the included individual Micros, or give students a choice of which ones they would like to complete. Micros are ideal for anytime, anywhere learning so that students can complete them in their own time and at their own pace.


The Meso reports the Final Assessment score to your LMS, and when used separately, each Micro reports the Knowledge Check scores to your LMS so that you can see how well your students understood the material.

This is an invaluable tool for both you and your students and allows you to gauge their knowledge while saving you time. Each license allows for 1 instructor, 1 course, and unlimited students!


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Why Choose This Meso Package?

Microlearning packages save you time and preparation work, and they can actually have a beneficial effect on your students’ learning and wellbeing. When students complete the built-in knowledge check they’ll receive instant feedback, which helps them assess their own learning, increase their retention and build their confidence.

Benefits for Teachers

• Save time, effort and paper
• Automatically grades and enters scores in your LMS gradebook
• Unlimited options with the included separate Micros: Decide what topics you want, when you want to assign them and how often you want students to complete them
• Self-contained, quick and easy to use
• Real-time updates on your students’ knowledge on the subject
• Allows you to see at a glance who’s doing well and who’s struggling
• Create personalized learning by allowing students to choose which micros to complete

Benefits for Students

• Anytime, anywhere learning
• Instant scores after quizzes
• Easy-to-follow, beautifully designed interface that adapts to any computer or mobile device
• See, track, and save progress
• Be in charge of their own learning
• Available completely online – they won’t need to physically be there to turn it in. Reduces late homework submissions.

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Level: Advanced Placement and college; science and non-science students

Product Type: Meso
File Types: SCORM Packages (.zip), web files (HTML)
File Size: 29.6 MB
License: Perpetual. 1 instructor, 1 course, unlimited students. Reuse year after year. Free updates.


  • Easily upload to your LMS in just a few clicks
  • Automatic Grading and Reporting to your LMS gradebook
  • Contains 10 Packages with options: SCORM 1.2 Meso, Micros, (with & without correct and incorrect feedback) and Web only (No LMS)
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes
  • Final Assessment
  • Instant Quiz Feedback to Students
  • Students must complete each part in order
  • Device-responsive; it looks great on every computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Progress shown and saved (most LMS)
  • Interactive Glossary Flip Cards
  • No LMS? No problem, you can upload to your web site (self-grading but no LMS reporting)
  • Free Updates and Product Support

This product is the entire The Study of Life series with Final Assessment, which is part of The Chemistry of Life Macro, and makes up the Biology course. All content is rigorously peer-reviewed by educators and derived from Rice University Openstax textbooks.

This Meso contains the following topics as one package, and also with each topic provided separately:

  • The Science of Biology
  • Themes and Concepts of Biology
  • Final Assessment

Our packages are published as SCORM .zip files and most Learning Management Systems (LMS) will accept these types of packages, however ensure that your LMS accepts SCORM packages before purchasing this product.

Due to the wide variety of Learning Management Systems and computer and mobile devices in use, occasionally a wireless connection may be dropped and communication to the LMS interrupted. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this product for any high-stakes summative assessment.


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