The BLENDING EDUCATION App: Sakai LMS Instructions


Installing & Using the BLENDING EDUCATION Microlearning Library App in Sakai

These are instructions for setting up the free Blending Education App in your Sakai LMS. The free App contains hundreds of free resources from every course. If you would like to purchase any courses or the entire library, please visit to get institutional pricing information.

Once you install the free Blending Education App, the free lessons and any courses you have purchased will automatically appear.


The free BLENDING EDUCATION App must be added to your Sakai LMS on an institutional level. After you add BLENDING EDUCATION as an LTI Tool Provider, you’ll generate credentials, including your unique Client ID and Deployment ID. You must then supply us with your generated credentials. You can start using the BLENDING EDUCATION App once we have verified your credentials.

1) As an Administrator, go to the Tool Menu in the Administration Workspace

2) Choose External Tools from the left navigation menu

3) Choose Install LTI 1.x Tool on the far right.

4) In the External Tool fields, fill in the following information:

Site ID: Leave blank (This will make it available site-wide)


Allow tool title to be changed > Allow

Choose a custom icon: (leave blank)

Allow custom icon to be changed > Do not allow

Button Text: Microlearning Library

Allow button text to be changed > Allow

Description: Enter the description, so teachers know what it is. May we suggest: Get thousands of “on-demand” lessons delivered directly to your course in Science, Math, Social Sciences, Humanities, Student Success, Business, Law, and AP®.

Tool Status: Enabled

Tool Visibility: Visible (not stealth)

Launch URL: Enter

Allow launch URL to be changed > Allow

Launch Key: leave blank, Do not allow to be changed

Launch Secret: leave blank, Do not allow to be changed

Frame Height: (leave blank)

Tool Order: (leave blank)

Allow frame height to be changed: Allow

Configuration dialog when tool is selected: Select Bypass configuration dialog

Privacy Settings: Tick all boxes

Services: Tick all boxes

Tools can generally accept: Tick ONLY the box for The tool can receive a Content-item or Deep-Link launch

Indicate where these tools are placed: Tick the box to allow the tool to be selected from Lessons, and tick allow the tool to be one of the assignment types.

Launch in Popup: Never

Debug: Never

Custom parameters: (Optional)

Splash screen: (Optional)

If you select LTI 1.3 support while inserting a tool, after the tool is saved, you will be presented the Sakai configuration information to copy back to the tool. You can view this information in the tool view screen if you edit the tool information.

Select: Tick the box for Tool supports LTI 1.3

Fill in these values:

LTI 1.3 Tool Keyset URL: Enter

LTI 1.3 OpenID Connect/Initialization Endpoint: Enter

LTI 1.3 Redirect Endpoints:Enter,

5) Select SAVE. Your new credentials will appear with a Copy button next to each.

If they don’t appear, go to your External Tools and find the tool and select it. Scroll to the bottom to see your credentials.


1) Copy and paste your credentials into an email, and send them to along with your name, institution, phone number and any courses or libraries that you would like to purchase.
These are the credentials we will need to register your tool:

LTI 1.3 Platform Issuer (provide to tool)

LTI 1.3 Client Id (provide to tool)

LTI 1.3 Platform OAuth2 Well-Known/KeySet URL (provide to tool)

LTI 1.3 Platform OAuth2 Bearer Token Retrieval URL (provide to tool)

LTI 1.3 Platform OIDC Authentication URL (provide to tool)

LTI 1.3 Deployment Id (provide to tool)


2) We will register your App on our system. Note that you will see the error message “Unregistered Platform” until we connect you. Once your App is registered with us, every teacher in your institution will be able to use it instantly to add lessons to their courses.  We’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as we register you.


In your course, you can add the tool to Lessons or Assignments. Add one of these options if you don’t already have them available: Site Info > Manage Tools.

Adding the tool through Lessons:

  • Choose Add Content + .
  • Choose Add Learning App.
  • Select the BLENDING EDUCATION App. The Resource Selector appears. You can select a resource or search for resources in the Search box.
  • Choose a lesson, then choose Select.
  • The lesson is added, and a new Gradebook column is created. Once students complete a lesson, it is automatically graded and the score is entered in the Gradebook.

Adding the Tool through Assignments:

  • In Assignments, choose Add
  • Enter the Title and Instructions (It may be helpful to tell students to choose Go to External Tool).
  • Under Student Submissions, Submission Type choose External Tool (LTI) from the drop-down menu
  • Under External Tool (LTI) Options, External Tool to Launch, choose the Select External Tool button.
  • Select the BLENDING EDUCATION App. The Resource Selector appears. You can select a resource or search for resources in the Search box.
  • Choose a lesson, then choose Select.
  • Under Grading, tick Grade this assignment.
    • Grade Scale: Points.
    • Max points: 100.
    • Tick Send grades to the Gradebook if this option appears.
  • Select Post.

Each time you add a resource, a grade column will be created within your Sakai LMS Gradebook. Once students complete the lesson, grades will appear. Grades can take up to 1 minute after a lesson is completed to appear in your Gradebook.

All resources allow just one attempt, regardless of how many attempts you specify. If you would like students to have more attempts, then you can add additional instances of the resource (repeat steps 1 through 3).

For questions or support, contact


Happy Blending!


The BLENDING EDUCATION Microlearning Library App is an online learning repository that contains thousands of self-grading microlearning lessons that you can use instantly in your course in your LMS. Aligned with OpenStax, you can choose from lessons in Science, Math, Social Sciences, Humanities, Student Success, Business, Law, and AP® & more.

What is the difference between the BLENDING EDUCATION App and subscribing to a course in the BLENDING SPACE?
Courses purchased through our shop are discounted and licensed for teachers. The BLENDING EDUCATION App contains lessons from all of our courses and is licensed for the entire institution. Lessons are accessed individually through the institution’s LMS and added to courses. Neither teachers nor students need to create accounts/log in. The App is a yearly subscription licensed on an institutional level, and allows every teacher within the institution access to unlimited individual lessons to use and re-use in unlimited courses and with unlimited students.

For hosted BLENDING SPACE courses, teachers can purchase an individual subscription to any course for $199 per year, and use the single course with all of their classes.  Courses are for teachers who want a ready-to-use course for just their own classes. Both teachers and students will create an account and log in to the hosted BLENDING SPACE.

Is the BLENDING EDUCATION App really free? What is the cost to students?
You can install and use the App absolutely free! There are hundreds of free lessons that you can use without purchasing a subscription to the library or courses. There is no cost to students, and you can use all of the lessons with unlimited students throughout your institution.

Where can I install the BLENDING EDUCATION App?
Institutions can install the App in any LMS that accepts LTI 1.3 Advantage external tools: Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Sakai, and others.
Currently, Schoology and Google Classroom do not support LTI 1.3 yet, but when they do the App will work with them.

Where can I get help installing or using the App?
Check our Support page for installation instructions and frequently asked questions. Or, if you need more help, you can open a support ticket.

I’m a teacher, how do I get courses through the App?
Ask your institution to install the App and contact us for pricing.

How do I purchase Courses, Packages or the Library?
Please contact us for institutional pricing. If you are a teacher, you can purchase a subscription to any course in the Shop.



To use the App, you must supply us with your Client ID so that we can register your institution on our Platform. After installing the App, you will receive the following error message until we register you:

{“status”:400,”error”:”Bad Request”,”details”:{“message”:”UNREGISTERED_PLATFORM”}}

This is normal; once we register you, you’ll be able to use the App. Please contact or with your name, institution, and phone number to register, or for more information.