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Entrepreneurship is designed for use in introductory Entrepreneurship classes at the undergraduate level. Due to the wide range of audiences and course approaches, the course is designed to be as flexible as possible. Theoretical and practical aspects are presented in a balanced manner, and specific components such as the business plan are provided in multiple formats. Entrepreneurship aims to drive students toward active participation in entrepreneurial roles, and exposes them to a wide range of companies and scenarios.

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The Entrepreneurial Perspective
  • Entrepreneurship Today
  • Entrepreneurial Vision and Goals
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Final Assessment
  • Overview of the Entrepreneurial Journey
  • The Process to Become and Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial Pathways
  • Frameworks to Inform Your Entrepreneurial Path
  • Final Assessment
  • Ethical and Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • The Socially Responsible Entrepreneur
  • Developing a Workplace Culture of Ethical Excellence
  • Protecting the Needs of Special Stakeholders: Society and the Environment
  • Final Assessment
  • Creativity, Innovation, and Invention: Why They Differ
  • Developing Ideas and Inventions
  • Tools for Creativity and Innovation
  • Final Assessment
  • Due Diligence from the Start
  • Recognizing and Identifying Opportunities in Your Discipline or Field
  • Screening Opportunities for Sustainability
  • Final Assessment
  • Problem Solving to Find Entrepreneurial Solutions
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Final Assessment
  • Identifying your Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Goals
  • Your Entrepreneurial Story
  • Developing a Pitch for Multiple Audiences, Goals, and Visions
  • Protecting Your Idea or Concept
  • The Power of Feedback
  • Reality Check: Entering Contests and Competitions
  • Final Assessment
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing and the Marketing Mix
  • Market Research, Market Opportunity Recognition, and Target Market
  • Marketing Techniques and Tools for Entrepreneurs
  • Branding
  • Sales and Customer Service
  • Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan
  • Final Assessment
  • Overview of Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting
  • Special Funding Strategies
  • Accounting Basic for Entrepreneurs
  • Developing Startup Financial Statements and Projections
  • Final Assessment
  • Launching the Imperfect Business: Lean Startup
  • Why Early Failure Leads to Success Later
  • The Unbelievable, Challenging, and Incredible Truth about Business Ownership
  • Managing, Following, and Adjusting the Initial Plan
  • Growth: Signs, Pains, and Cautions
  • Final Assessment
  • Avoiding The Field of Dreams Approach
  • Designing the Business Model
  • Conducting the Feasibility Analysis
  • The Business Plan
  • Final Assessment
  • Building and Connecting to Networks
  • Building the Entrepreneurial Dream Team
  • Designing a Start-up Operational Plan
  • Final Assessment
  • Overview of Business Structures
  • The Associated Impact for Different Business Structures
  • Preparing for Legal, Tax, and Technology Issues
  • Mitigating and Managing Risks
  • Final Assessment
  • Assessing Minimum Resources Needs
  • Create Something Tangible
  • Plan for Finding Additional Resources
  • Final Assessment
  • Launching Your Venture
  • Making Difficult Business Decisions in Response to Challenges
  • Seeking Help or Support
  • Now What? Serving as a Mentor, Consultant, or Champion
  • Reflections: Documenting the Journey
  • Final Assessment

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