Welcome to the BLENDING SPACE

What is the Blending Space?

The Blending Space is our answer to the problem that we’ve always worked to solve: How do we make it easier for teachers to get blended learning into their teaching right now?

Teachers are already amazing when it comes to face-to-face teaching. However, today’s students are increasingly using technology, and many of them expect that at least part of their education is available online: accessible by their computers, tablets, and smart phones. This isn’t a surprise, and it shouldn’t be discouraged. Many of us, as adults in the workplace, are expected to have basic technology skills, and we don’t want our students to be left behind when it comes to these important skills!

We started Blending Education in 2018 after decades of working in academia and experiencing difficulty in finding quality digital education resources. We decided that our mission was to make it easier for teachers to get pedagogically-effective and well-designed resources. Initially, we thought that teachers wouldn’t want the “hassle” of a subscription-based platform, so we offered our resources as “buy once, use forever”. But, after speaking to hundreds of educators over the last year, we learned that this was not always beneficial to the teachers who struggle with just finding quality resources at a reasonable price. So, we’ve changed the way to access our resources and moved all of our courses onto the Blending Space, into an easy-to-afford yearly subscription model. Teachers can now subscribe to any course for just $199 per year! We’re hoping that this will make it even easier for teachers to get blended learning that they can use right now. In the Blending Space, teachers can try out a sample of any course, and even add it to their own LMS free before they decide to purchase a subscription. Once you subscribe, you can even try a full course free for 30 days!

Try Courses Free on the Blending Space

The Blending Space is a great way for teachers to evaluate our resources and try them out in their own Learning Management System (LMS). Try any course now by choosing a course in the Library and selecting Try a Sample of this Course Free.

When you add a course to your LMS, you’ll be able to access it right inside your own LMS. You and your students won’t need to create accounts or log in to the Blending Space, because everything will be delivered through your own learning environment.

What can I do in the Blending Space?

In the Blending Space you can evaluate our courses free. You can also link samples from each course to your own LMS! Because the trial version is open to everyone for evaluating our lessons, you shouldn’t use it with real students or for actual assignments. The trial version of the Blending Space features:

  • Lessons and Final Assessments that automatically grade and report to your LMS grade book
  • Instructor Answer Keys
  • Knowledge Check Quizzes
  • Instant quiz feedback to students
  • Interactivity, links to learning, videos, examples, exercises, case studies, and more!

Once you subscribe, we’ll create your own private course for you and your students in the full version of the Blending Space. When it’s ready, we will send you your license codes and instructions. You’ll then unlock all of the features of the Blending Space, including the ability to:

  • Evaluate the full course free for 30 days
  • Connect instantly to your own private course through your LMS
  • Re-arrange, hide/show, and use lessons in any order
  • Schedule lessons, control the number of attempts, add your own resources and more
  • Access the Blending Space Dashboard with at-a-glance reporting charts, grades, course analytics, student progress, quiz attempts and feedback
  • Use the course with one or more classes
  • Access everything through your own LMS; there is no need to log in or add your students
  • Get free updates and support

So head on over to our Library and select any course, then choose Try a Sample of this Course Free. Or go directly to the Blending Space and try out all of our courses:

Happy Blending!

No LMS? No Problem.

We realize that not everyone has a Learning Management System. Our Blending Space is a fully functioning LMS hosted on AWS. If your school needs a hosted Learning Environment, then we can accommodate you! Contact us today to learn more.