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Another Thrilling Announcement: We’re now an official partner of Canvas LMS!

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Blending Education, LLC Announces New Certified Partnership with Instructure

Integrating microlearning resources within course content offers a wealth of capability for Instructure’s Canvas education customers

COOKEVILLE, TENN. – August 9, 2018 (PR Newswire) — Blending Education LLC (@BlendingEd), a provider of microlearning libraries and content-driven education services, announces a new partnership with Instructure, the makers of Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

Educators who use Canvas LMS can now seamlessly integrate thousands of Blending Education’s digital microlearning resources to provide effective, interactive educational experiences for their students. Blending Education’s comprehensive offering of courses in science, mathematics, business, social sciences and humanities will provide a more engaging learning experience, and covers secondary education, Advanced Placement (AP®), college, and university undergraduate levels.

“The Canvas partnership is the next step in our ongoing commitment to improving the learning experience for all students, and to reinforce what teachers do best, ” said Ian F. Simpson, co-founder of Blending Education. “Using our microlearning libraries provides an effective pedagogical experience while also saving teachers time. Since our libraries are also cost-neutral, once they’re purchased they can be used free, on unlimited students, forever.”

Microlearning, a way of delivering content in small, manageable units, can open up new possibilities for personalizing learning for each student and fulfill the gap educators face in providing quality digital resources. “The partnership with Canvas will open up new opportunities for us to share more widely how students benefit from using microlearning and blended learning,” Simpson said.

While Blending Education is already being used within Canvas at a number of institutions in the US and beyond, becoming a Certified Partner is evidence of both companies’ continued commitment to supporting teachers and delivering an excellent educational experience for students.

“This partnership is incredibly valuable for us because our libraries are a perfect fit for Canvas,” said Veronica Volz, Co-Founder & CEO of Blending Education. “Like Instructure, we provide innovative tools that enhance the online learning environment and provide measurable outcomes. The timing works well with the introduction of our new 2018 Microlearning Library, which works effortlessly inside the Canvas LMS.”

Blending Education, LLC joins a list of widely-respected, industry-leading Instructure partners such as Amazon, McGraw-Hill and Wiley to provide innovative learning technology integrations into their learning management system which is used by more than 3,000 universities, school districts and institutions around the world.

About Instructure

Instructure’s Canvas Learning Management System connects more than 20 million teachers and learners globally. Because learning doesn’t end after graduation, Instructure also offers Bridge, the learning and engagement platform that enables organizations of every kind to engage with employees by measuring and improving employee sentiment, alignment, and knowledge in real time. Learn more at

About Blending Education, LLC

Blending Education, LLC is an educational technology company providing educational content that enriches the online learning experience through Microlearning. Microlearning enables a deeper connection between participants, delivering education in small learning units, allowing students to control their own learning, at their own pace. Blending Education’s Microlearning broadens student engagement, improves outcomes and increases retention. To learn more about how Blending Education can enhance the student and instructor experience in your Learning Management System, visit the website,

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