What’s a “Micro”?

A Micro in Action

A “Micro” is a short, self-contained lesson designed for easy consumption.

Micros typically have a few key points with interactions and a trackable quiz and can be part of a topic (a “Macro”). Therefore, they reduce cognitive load, deliver timely feedback, and allow students to learn at their own pace.

Micros are self-contained and portable. They’re SCORM packages that can be easily uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Micros deliver content, feedback and assessment to students and best of all, automatically grade and report your students’ scores back to your LMS.

See a Micro in action in this quick video overview.

Microlearning packages save you time and preparation work, and they can actually have a beneficial effect on your students’ learning and wellbeing. When students complete the built-in knowledge check they’ll receive instant feedback, which helps them assess their own learning, increase their retention and build their confidence.

Micro packages are ideal for transitioning to paperless formative assessment and will provide the indispensable, supplemental resources you need to complement your teaching.

Benefits for Teachers

• Save time, effort and paper
• Automatically grades and enters scores in your LMS gradebook
• Unlimited options when used with other Micros: Decide what topics you want, when you want to assign them and how often you want students to complete them
• Self-contained, quick and easy to use
• Real-time updates on your students’ knowledge on the subject
• Allows you to see at a glance who’s doing well and who’s struggling

Benefits for Students

• Anytime, anywhere learning
• Instant scores after quizzes
• Easy-to-follow, beautifully-designed interface that adapts to any computer or mobile device
• See, track, and save progress
• Be in charge of their own learning
• Available completely online – they won’t need to physically be there to turn it in so it can reduce late homework submissions.

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