What is H5P?

H5P is a free resource that lets you create simple interactive content like interactive videos, quizzes, games, presentations, and more. Once you create an H5P interaction you can download it and upload it to Moodle, Drupal or WordPress. The best part is, you can edit it right in Moodle, Drupal or WordPress and share it with others, who can also edit it. Or you can embed it, and allow others to embed it if you wish. H5P is a truly ideal way to create portable, editable learning objects. You can also track your learners’ progress and scores.

So let’s take a look at some of the learning objects you can design with H5P:

Interactive Video
The H5P Interactive Video content type lets you add multiple choice, fill in the blank questions, pop-up explanatory text, image, tables and other types of interactions to your videos. The video plays, then stops and prompts learners to answer a question. There is even an option to automatically rewind and make them watch the section of video again, if they answer a question wrong.

Iframe Embedder
This is one of our favourites, because we use it so often. You simply add any URL from any website or file and you can display it in your page. The example below allows us to display Adobe Captivate content so you can interact with it right on the site.

Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop is a great way to test learners on concepts or gauge their understanding and it makes the learning process engaging and fun. Learners get instant feedback and can try over and over again until they succeed in getting all of the answers correct.

There are several others that you can use so check back often as we add more examples.

Now head over to the Activities section and download some free H5P learning objects!

You can learn more about H5P on their website: https://h5p.org/

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