Create a Safe Space to Practice Writing

student practicing writing
Some students can be vulnerable to a deficit in English and scientific writing.

A private learning space gives them the confidence to practice writing and receive both teacher and peer feedback.

WordPress makes it easy to create a safe space for students to practice writing. When you set up a WordPress site, you can choose to make it a private website with the option of private groups. You can choose to put students in these private groups so that they feel comfortable and confident when they submit their writing assignments. This type of learning space can be fully online or blended.

Let students know that the learning space has been created to allow them to practice writing in collaboration with others on the site or program. Tell them that it is a safe, private space just for your class and they should use it often as either an optional resource or as part of a course where you post assignments for students to upload their writing.

How this learning space works:
  • Students post their essays, get comments and comment on each others’ contributions.
  • You can post helpful writing resources for students to review.
  • Students can share links and other online resources.
  • You and your students can communicate publicly or privately with others on the site.
Why students should use this space:
  • Students can collaborate with others, help and get help.
  • Students can establish their own voice, hone their writing skills, and improve their digital literacy skills.
  • Students can practice writing in a safe environment, with the option to share only with the teacher.
What’s on the learning space:

Typically, a writing learning space could have the following:

  • Pre- and post-program surveys, to determine the level of student ability and confidence in their writing skills
  • Information about the program, schedule (if blended), and assignments
  • Learning Resources, such as links to example articles, tips on writing, and other reference material
  • Groups, Member Profiles, Activity (comments); (part of BuddyPress for WordPress)
  • Link or button to upload drafts of essays (so others can comment)
  • Link or button to upload final essays to your Learning Management System
  • A chat option, if you choose to have virtual office hours online
  • Accessibility features, including easy viewing on mobile devices (responsive design)

All of this is achievable with WordPress and is an ideal way to reach students on their level.

Have you used WordPress in a unique way for education? We’d love to hear about it. Leave your story below.


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