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Discovering How Populations Change



• are E-learning in self-contained, small units
• give students the ability to learn anytime, anywhere on any laptop, smartphone or tablet
• instantly grade and enter students’ scores in your LMS gradebook
• save you valuable preparation time; just upload and you’re ready to go!

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Upload this package to your LMS for students to learn anytime, anywhere, and on any device. A Micro automatically grades and enters students’ scores into your LMS gradebook. Micros are beautifully designed, quick and easy to use. Save yourself time and preparation work!

In this Micro example, you’ll get an introduction to evolution and learn about how populations change over time. This self-contained Micro contains a lesson, interactive glossary flip cards, thought-provoking questions, and a knowledge check quiz.

A Micro gives you unlimited options so that you can choose how you want to deliver it, whether you decide to include it as part of other teaching or let it stand on its own. Micros are ideal for anytime, anywhere learning so that students can complete it in their own time and at their own pace. The Micro reports the Knowledge Check score to your LMS so that you can see how well your students understood the material. Here’s what it looks like in Blackboard’s Grade Center:

This is an invaluable tool for both you and your students and allows you to gauge their knowledge while saving you time. Each Micro is licensed for 1 instructor, 1 course, and unlimited students!

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