Installing Micros on Sakai LMS

Check out this really informative video of how Johnson University in Tennessee easily installed Blending Education’s Microlearning on their Sakai Learning Management System.

“So here’s what the ‘process’ looks like for us- Sakai makes it so easy – and we love it when partners like Blending Education and technical platforms like ScormCloud all make this work together.”  

– David Eveland, Instructional Designer & Technologist, Johnson University

Johnson University was looking for alternatives to high textbook prices to help their students, while at the same time providing quality educational content in their courses. After checking out some of our demos, they were impressed and purchased our Concepts of Biology course.

Although they didn’t have the ability to implement SCORM at the time, they explored their options and found that SCORM Cloud was the solution. They were even able to test some of our free Micros that they had downloaded from Blending Education to see how it would work in their Sakai Learning Management System.

In this video (made by David Eveland who kindly shared it with us!), David explains why they decided to use Blending Education’s products, the benefits of using digital resources, and how they were able to easily implement the course through LTI using SCORM Cloud’s Dispatch feature. David takes us step-by-step on how easy it is to implement one of our courses and how students can access it through their Sakai LMS. Enjoy!


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