How to Upload a Micro to Blackboard

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Learn how fast and easy it is to upload a Micro to Blackboard Learn LMS.

It’s really simple and quick to upload your Micro packages to Blackboard Learn. Here’s how.

Each Micro from Blending Education contains the following .zip files:

  1. The lesson (.zip package) that you can upload to Blackboard with the quiz correct/incorrect feedback.
  2. The lesson (.zip package) that you can upload to Blackboard without the quiz correct/incorrect feedback.
  3. The lesson (.zip package, without SCORM) that you can upload to your website (not Blackboard).

To find the package that you upload to your LMS, you must unpack the .zip file that you downloaded. (The .zip file you downloaded contains other files, such as instructions). You then upload the zip file with the options that you would like, without unpacking them, to Blackboard. So, for example, if you assigned the micro as homework, and you were concerned students may share answers, you would choose the .zip package without the quiz feedback.

In order to use the MICRO with Blackboard, you must be able to upload SCORM .zip packages. This is a standard feature with Blackboard, but may in some rare cases have been turned off in your system. Check with your IT administrator if you aren’t sure.

Uploading a Micro to Blackboard Learn

  1. Go to the content area where you want to upload the MICRO zip package.
  3. Select BROWSE MY COMPUTER and select the .zip file (It may be inside a folder, and don’t unzip it first!).  Select SUBMIT. Be patient, it may take a few minutes to upload. You can usually see the upload percentage in the bottom left corner of your browser.
  4. Once it is uploaded, you can edit the name, and add a description if desired.
  5. You now select your options:
    • Under SCORM AVAILABILITY > MAKE SCORM AVAILABLE select YES (**This is required**)
    • You can choose the number of attempts, availability dates and other options here as well.
    • Under GRADING, you may change the TITLE and/or set a DUE DATE. NOTE: It is recommended that you do not make any other changes in GRADING unless you are familiar with these settings.
    • Select SUBMIT. A Grade Center column is created and the grades will be entered automatically when students complete the MICRO.

More information can be found at Blackboard’s website here:

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