Get Creative with Leaderboards

Creating a leaderboard from scratch is a simple way to display learners’ results in a visually-pleasing way. 

This example uses data from Blackboard Learn’s Grade Center, but you can use any data.

You can download grades by going to the Grade Center, and choosing Work Offline > Download.


This creates a .csv file you can use to create your leaderboard.

Simply open your downloaded .csv file in Microsoft Excel. Remove the learners’ names for anonymity, but leave the student IDs so that they can find their score. Change the background to a medium gray, highlight the top scores and change to red, then select every other row for the rest of the scores and change to a darker grey for a nice effect.

Copy the table and paste it as an item into your LMS.

If you have Adobe Photoshop, you can download and add your data to the example template.

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