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To set up your BLENDING SPACE course in Schoology, first you must add BLENDING EDUCATION or BLENDING SPACE as the tool provider. The Schoology System Admin can install the tool provider at the course or the district level. However, if you have a free account or if your system admin does not plan to configure the External Tool at the system level, the Course Admin will need to install the LTI Integration at the course level.

If your System Admin has not configured the External Tool at the System Level, follow these steps first.

  1. Select your Course from the Courses drop-down menu.
  2. Click Course Options below the course profile photo.
  3. Select External Tool Providers.
  4. Click Add External Tool Provider.

5. Fill out the necessary information in the pop-up window:

    • Consumer Key — enter the Consumer Key that you were given.
    • Shared Secret — enter the Shared Secret (or Secret Key) that you were given.
    • Privacy — choose what information is sent to the BLENDING SPACE upon launch of the tool. Note that students will remain anonymous in BLENDING SPACE Grades unless you specify that names/emails are passed. All grades that are sent to the Schoology Gradebook will be an accumulated percentage based on completion of the entire course, so you may want to use the BLENDING SPACE Grades to see each lesson score. Therefore, you may wish to choose to have names/emails passed.
    • Configuration Type —  Choose Manual.
    • Match By — designates which information will automatically populate when an educator is adding an external tool to a course.
    • Domain — if the URL used to add the external tool to a course contains the designated domain, then all the tool settings will automatically populate.
    • URL — enter the Launch URL that you were given.
    • Domain/URL — enter the domain or URL of the publisher, depending on which you choose to match by.
    • Custom Parameters — these are optional.
      • Each parameter must be on its own line and formatted as “name=value.”
  1. Click Submit to save the configuration.

Adding LTI Tools to Your Course

Once the above steps are complete, or if your System Admin has already configured the External Tool at the System level, return to your Materials page. Then, to add the tool into your course:

  1. Click Add Materials.
  2. Select Add File/Link/External Tool.

3. Select External Tool.
4. Enter the required information in the popout window.
5. Click Enable Grading to add a due date and other grading information to the external tool. Read the section below “Grading External Tools” for additional information.

Grading External Tools

Enabling grading on external tool items adds the material to your Gradebook so that you can assign a grade for each student who completes the activity or assignment launched via the external tool.

However, LTI and External Tool materials that have grading enabled do not trigger submission notifications, grading reminders or overdue notifications because Schoology does not automatically detect submissions from external tools.

Here is a link to Schoology’s Guide to Installing External Tools:

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