Awarded Bids for K-12 Schools

Awarded Bids
Awarded Bids for K-12 Schools

Blending Education has been awarded bids for teachers to purchase instructional resources in school districts in Texas and Florida! We have put together a new list of schools that can receive discounts and purchase subscriptions through their district awarded funding. Check out our Awarded Bids page now to see if your school is listed!

CHECK OUT the K-12 Library

We have 27 courses in our K-12 Library covering subjects in Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Humanities and Advanced Placement (AP®). All of our courses are delivered right through your school’s Learning Management System (LMS). If your school doesn’t have an LMS, no problem! Our Blending Space is a full-functioning LMS and we can host your courses and your students. Contact us for more information.


All of our courses and lessons are delivered through our BLENDING SPACE. You can evaluate samples from every course now in the trial version of the Blending Space. Then, when you subscribe, you’ll get your own private course for you and your students and unlock all of the features of the full Blending Space. Discover more features here.

Evaluate Our Courses Now

We’ve made it really easy to evaluate samples of our courses! Just go to the K-12 Library, choose a course, and then click Try a Sample of this Course Free. This takes you to the trial Blending Space where you can see our courses, try out lessons, and add them to your current teaching. Or, you can go directly to the trial Blending Space and try all of our courses right now!

Try Our Courses in Your LMS

In the trial Blending Space, you can try out our courses, free. And, you can also see how our courses work inside your Learning Management System.

All of our courses and lessons reside in the Blending Space. To access them, you simply add a type of resource called an “external tool” in your current course (most LMS have this resource). You then add the URL, Consumer Key and Secret that we provide to you, and the course will appear instantly in your LMS!

And, because our courses are delivered through your LMS, you and your students don’t need to log in nor create an account on the Blending Space. Everything will be accessed straight through your current LMS, so you’ll have complete control, and your students’ data will be kept safe.

Blend in the Blending Space

We wanted to give teachers their own space to get lots of our resources, and blend them with their own. In the full version of the Blending Space, teachers not only have total access to all of our courses and lessons, but they can also add and create their own resources. The Blending Space is a private space where teachers can mix, blend and experiment with resources, without disrupting their current course activities.

There’s so much to discover, so check out the Blending Space now! And, if your school is on the Awarded Bids list, let us know and we’ll walk you through how to get your courses today.

No LMS? No Problem!

We realize that not everyone has a Learning Management System. Our Blending Space is a fully functioning LMS hosted on AWS. If your school needs a hosted Learning Environment, then we can accommodate you! Contact us today to learn more.

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