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Blending Education helps educators, administrators, instructional designers and anyone else interested in teaching and learning to easily implement blended learning into their course, program, faculty or school, thus saving time, cutting costs and minimizing effort.

We want your students to love learning what you are teaching, so we aim to reach them where they already are, which is typically on a mobile deviceTo do this we have created portable microlearning objects that you can easily download, upload to your Learning Management System (LMS), and use to complement your teaching. Students access these on computers or mobile devices for truly anytime, anywhere learning. Our microlearning objects, resources, and ideas are professionally-designed, pedagogically-effective and will save you time and effort. You simply download them and then upload them to your LMS in just a few clicks. And the best part is, they grade themselves. We’ve also got loads of free ideas that you can use for your face-to-face teaching.

Blending Education is free and open to educators so please join us! We would love to hear about your teaching experiences. Join us now for free and post your experiences or questions in our Community.


Get ideas


Ideas are examples of blended learning, with instructions, that you can implement in your course. Ideas cover all subjects and all learning levels. Subject-specific ideas can be found in the Subjects section.

Download resources


Resources are free downloads, featuring tutorials, templates, and activities for your Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You’ll also find digital and printable resources for using in class.



In our Shop you can buy and download premium microlearning objects that are ready to use in your courses right now. All of the resources in The Shop have been professionally-designed and tested by learning technologists. Oh, and there are free ones, too!

Extensive Microlearning Library


Our Microlearning Library contains over 3000 premium digital learning resources that you can upload to your Learning Management System (LMS). Get micros, macros, courses or the entire library and use on your unlimited students free, year after year. No subscriptions, “per student” fees, or contracts. Just a one-time payment and it’s yours, forever.



We offer different types of resources and it’s important to understand how they work so that you and your students can get the best learning experiences from them.

Learning Objects (Microlearning)

Resources in the Shop and most of the free downloadable resources are learning objects. Learning objects are self-grading, portable, trackable units of online learning that you upload to your Learning Management System (LMS). We refer to these units as Microlearning.

Our microlearning objects are self-contained, standalone units that can be used alone or with other microlearning objects. They are meant to supplement your teaching and can be combined, mixed and in some cases, re-mixed (H5P). You can also use our microlearning objects as part of a personalized learning program, where students can choose their own learning path.

The types of Microlearning you’ll find on this site are SCORM packages and H5P Interactions. SCORM is a publishing standard that is used in e-learning and has been around for several years. SCORM packages are self-contained learning objects, and are easily uploaded into your LMS or Virtual Learning Environment. One of the benefits of SCORM learning objects is that they automatically grade and track your students’ progress and results. SCORM packages are published from e-learning software such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate and others.

We refer to 4 types of Microlearning  Resources on Blending Education: “Micros”, “Macros”, and “Activities”, which are SCORM packages and “H5P”. You can find these in the Activities section and in The Shop.



Activities are downloadable e-learning objects that you can upload to your Learning Management System. They look great on any device, whether mobile, laptop or desktop, and are typically self-grading, trackable, and free!

A Micro


A “Micro” is a short, self-contained online lesson with a quiz, which is designed for easy consumption. Micros typically have a few key points with interactions and a trackable quiz and can be part of a topic (a “Macro”). Micros reduce cognitive load, deliver timely feedback, and allow students to learn at their own pace.

A Macro


A “Macro” is a topic containing Micros, with a trackable quizzes plus an assessment at the end. You can keep the order, or mix and match the included Micros with other Micros, or even let students choose their own learning path.

H5P Interactions


H5P is a free educational tool that lets you create interactive content like videos, quizzes, games, presentations and more that look great on any device. H5P is a “plugin” that needs to be installed in your application and can be used with Moodle, WordPress and Drupal (It’s also coming soon to Blackboard!). With H5P you can edit interactive content and track your students’ progress and scores. You can find H5P interactions in Activities and also in the Shop.


SCORM Microlearning objects are not editable. H5P interactions are editable if you have the free H5P plugin installed. Templates are ready to-use layouts for you to fill with your content. Tutorials show you how to use, create or fix things.


Microlearning objects are published as SCORM 1.2 packages and are compatible with almost all Learning Management Systems and Virtual Learning Environments. If you are not sure whether your system can accommodate SCORM packages, contact your IT department for help. You can also download a free micro that you can test in your LMS.

H5P for Moodle – There is an H5P plugin for Moodle that must be installed in order to upload, edit and view H5P interactions. You may already have it installed; check in your Moodle Site Administration > Plugins.

H5P for WordPress – If your WordPress site is self-hosted and you can install plugins then you can use H5P interactions. You’ll just need to install the H5P plugin. If you have a hosted site at WordPress.com (and don’t host your website yourself) you won’t be able to upload H5P products, because WordPress.com won’t allow you to install third party plugins (like H5P).

Templates require you have the software specified, such as Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or Powerpoint. If you still aren’t sure, check in the Community or just ask!


Veronica Volz, Co-Founder of Blending Education
Veronica Volz
CEO & Co-founder

Veronica has worked in Higher Education as a Blended Learning Specialist and Consultant for the past 10 years in the United States and the United Kingdom. Her expertise centers around developing unique solutions to the problems educators face teaching the digital generation of students.

Her goal with Blending Education is to share her knowledge, projects, and ideas, and collaborate with others who are passionate about Blended Learning.

T: @BlendingEd
L: BlendingEd

Ian Simpson, Co-Founder of Blending Education
Ian Simpson

Ian has been an Associate Lecturer at several United Kingdom Universities and has spent the past decade listening to educators across Primary, Secondary and Higher Education sectors about the frustrations teachers face with teaching in a digital age.

His goal with Blending Education is to show educators how Educational Technology could benefit them.

T: @IanFSimpson
L: IanFSimpson

Abbey Green, Content Developer
Abbey Green
E-learning Content Developer

Abbey is responsible for developing content for our core K-12 and higher education subjects and plays a crucial role in producing our exceptional e-learning resources.

Courtney Smith, Content Developer
Courtney Smith
E-learning Content Developer

Courtney is our resident mathematics and chemistry expert, and is responsible for developing content for our mathematics-based K-12 and higher education subjects.

Do you have questions about blended learning, e-learning software, LMS/VLE issues or SCORM? Just ask! We’re happy to help if we can. Let’s Get Blending!


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