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Blending Education

Blending Education helps educators easily implement blended learning into their schools to save time, cut costs, and minimize effort.

We want your students to love learning what you’re teaching, so we’ve created portable, self-grading, microlearning lessons that are available to use instantly within your current Learning Management System (LMS). Students access these short lessons on computers or mobile devices for truly anytime, anywhere learning. Our library of over 3,500 microlearning resources are professionally-designed, pedagogically-effective, and will save you time and effort. 

We’ve also got loads of free ideas and resources that you can use for your face-to-face teaching.

Blending Education is free and open to educators so please join us! We would love to hear about your teaching experiences. Join us now for free and post your experiences or questions in our Community.


Get ideas


Ideas are examples of blended learning, with instructions, that you can implement in your course. Ideas cover all subjects and all learning levels. Subject-specific ideas can be found in the Subjects section.

Download resources


Resources are free downloads, featuring tutorials, templates, and activities for your Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You’ll also find digital and printable resources for using in class.



In our Shop you can subscribe to courses with tons of premium resources that are ready to use in your courses right now. All of the resources in The Shop have been professionally-designed by learning technologists. Oh, and there are free ones, too!

Extensive Microlearning Library


Our Microlearning Library contains more than 30 courses with over 3000 premium digital learning resources for that you can easily stream to your Learning Management System (LMS).



We deliver our courses through LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). Most LMS, such as: Schoology, Canvas, Brightspace D2L, Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard and others can easily accept our courses into their systems. We’ve got videos that can help you add us to your systems. If you still aren’t sure, contact us! We’re happy to help.

H5P for Moodle – There is an H5P plugin for Moodle that must be installed in order to upload, edit and view H5P interactions. You may already have it installed; check in your Moodle Site Administration > Plugins.

H5P for WordPress – If your WordPress site is self-hosted and you can install plugins then you can use H5P interactions. You’ll just need to install the H5P plugin. If you have a hosted site at WordPress.com (and don’t host your website yourself) you won’t be able to upload H5P products, because WordPress.com won’t allow you to install third party plugins (like H5P).

Templates require you have the software specified, such as Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or Powerpoint. If you still aren’t sure, check in the Community or just ask!


Veronica Volz, Co-Founder of Blending Education
Veronica Volz
CEO & Founder

Veronica has worked in Higher Education as a Blended Learning Specialist and Consultant for the past 12 years in the United States and the United Kingdom. Her expertise centers around developing unique solutions to the problems educators face teaching the digital generation of students.

Her goal with Blending Education is to share her knowledge, projects, and ideas, and collaborate with others who are passionate about Blended Learning.

T: @BlendingEd
L: BlendingEd

Becky Wieland, Director of Content Development
Becky Wieland
Director of Content Development

Becky is responsible for the direction of content development. She has lifelong experience as an Application Developer, Senior Analyst, Project Manager, and Information Services Manager in a wide variety of university business applications, including Financial Aid, School of Medicine Admissions, Payroll/Human Resources, Student Employment, and Advancement.

Abbey Green, Content Developer
Abbey Green
E-learning Content Developer

Abbey is our resident content developer for our core K-12 and higher education subjects and plays a crucial role in producing our exceptional e-learning resources.

Courtney Smith, Content Developer
Courtney Smith
E-learning Content Developer

Courtney is our mathematics and chemistry expert, and is responsible for developing content for our mathematics-based K-12 and higher education subjects.

Do you have questions about blended learning, e-learning software, LMS issues or SCORM? Just ask! We’re happy to help if we can. Let’s Get Blending!


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